Naomi Manao lives in Queensland, Australia. Her first short story, “The Fourth”, will appear in Lackington’s Issue 13, due out February 2017.

In January-April 2016 she completed a 140000-word first draft of a first novel, and has begun revisions on the project. There are more novels and a number of short stories and novellas also in the works, but her process is quite slow–“The Fourth” was first drafted in 2014.

In past lives, she has been a certified rescue scuba diver, an archaeologist’s assistant, a national record-holding angler, and an editorial manager.

Naomi is mostly inactive online due to health, and though she perceives this inactivity to be a significant disadvantage for a new writer, she aims to continue writing anyway.

As for where she is from and where she has lived, let’s say she speaks English and Tok Pisin very well, but sadly, only a little of her mother’s Tuvaluan.

* * *