My First Sale

My short folktale-ish story, “The Fourth”, is going to be published in Lackington’s in early 2017.

Yay! ^_^

And even more YAY because this is my first fiction sale!

Lackington’s is home to unusual and gorgeous speculative fiction. I have been a fan for many moons. Stories published in Lackington’s tend to the un-possible, non-traditional, and not-obvious, therefore I have oodles of loves for it. Go take a look if you’re not familiar with them!



— I started submitting in July 2013, but I self-reject so often that in 36 months I have submitted to markets only 34 times. There have been months and months when I did not submit anything at all.

— “The Fourth” was written in November 2014, so that’s. . . over two years between writing it and publishing it. O_O

— It was rejected six times between January 2015 and well, now. (And see, I don’t submit enough.) I had Lackington’s in mind for it from the outset but kept missing their submissions windows due to Laif. Turns out maybe that was a good thing, because . . .

— “The Fourth” was revised 12 times before it sold, though the opening paragraphs have pretty much stayed the same throughout. (Actually it’s probably been revised many more times than that, I’m lazy with filing and often write over the top of old drafts.)

— I made two small-but-big tweaks based on personal feedback from a pro market in early-mid May, right before Lackington’s opened for subs. (I tend to take on board what editors say about my stories. Most of the time but not always. It depends on the feedback I guess? And planetary alignments?) I wish I knew for sure if this helped sell the story! Anyway thanks, Editor, in the unlikely event you ever stumble across this and know what I’m talking about.